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Why install a TOF laser sensor on the barrier gates?

Edor | 2021/05/08

In the parking systerm field, the best solution immediately proved to be the installation of TOF laser sensor for the barrier gates at the entrance to the facility.

First of all, let’s understand the principle of parking lot vehicle detector and ground induction coil:

Ground induction coil vehicle detector is a vehicle detector based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. It usually has a toroidal coil buried under the roadbed of the same lane, and passes a certain working current as a sensor. When the vehicle passes the coil or stops on the coil, the iron on the vehicle itself will change the magnetic flux in the coil, causing a change in the inductance of the coil loop. The detector detects the change in the inductance to determine the state of the passing vehicle .

System composition

In the parking lot system, to determine the function of the ground induction coil, we must first know the location where the ground induction coil is installed. The ground induction coil is generally installed in the following four positions:

1. At the entrance ticket box (entrance control machine);

2. One at each entry and exit barrier;

3. Exit ticket box (export control machine)

As for the entry and exit barriers, It has two aspects

1. Anti-smashing, the bar will not fall when there is a car on the ground;

2. The car passes and falls

And what is TOF laser sensor?

Our laser sensor offers an alternative to induction loops.

Laser radar technology is to detect vehicles and pedestrian accurately. The barrier only opens when a vehicle is approaching. Pedestrians in the opening field are screened. Compared to IR detection, it reduces false trigger and more secure.

What’s more, the laser’s service life is 3-5years, while the loops is around 1-2 years. small size make installation and maintainance more easier and save labor cost. So our laser sensor is cost efficiently and secure options for your gate solution.



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