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LSR Traffic Parking Boom Barrier Gate Control Board Parking Barrier Gate Sensor

Edor | 2021/07/27

LSR, a laser safety sensor, is the best alternative of infrared photocell and loop sensor, which is more convenient on installation and maintenance. It can protect pedestrian and vehicle from contact with the gate and barrier boom. One piece is enough to use, without road works. The automatic learning of environment makes LSR great adaptability in different environment.

laser safety sensor

LSR is a LASER-based Time-of-Flight sensor designed for gate and barrier applications like sliding gate and barrier gate etc. The LSR is an effective alternative to induction loops and is housed in an IP67 rated enclosure, further ensuring its performance in outdoor environment. Also we design it as an easy installation for users convenience. The LSR could learn the procedure automatically and with adjustable detecting range from 0 to 8 meters.

This solution provides four LASER-based curtains, offering a three dimensional detection zone for accurate object detection. Its detection curtains are highly-configurable and can be set up for activation and presence detection in vehicle sensing applications. For replacing the traditional IR loop beam, there is no need for digging a place for the installation with saving a appreciable labour cost. Effective alternative to loop detectors´╝Ü Ideal for applications where cutting ground for loops is prohibited, impossible or expensive.

Ability to detect vehicle trajectory during approach and departure. For detecting trajectory, which makes LRS could be triggered in a appropriate situation for protection. When the car stop under the barrier with forwarding or back-forward, LSR will be in the mode of keeping opening for the inconvenience to protect your car. And it is Reliable and constant detection

The product field could be covered in Barrier gate/Industrial door/Turnstile/ Escalator and moving sidewalks/Vehicle counting etc. Please contact us if you are interested in this product or any question just be free to talk. Thank you and have a nice day, this is Anna from QINUO.



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