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How to install door sensor for automatic door?

Edor | 2022/02/15

This automatic door sensor (radar) is a composite sensor, so it is called an automatic door two-in-one composite sensor. It integrates two technologies, microwave and infrared, so as to realize the two functions of automatic door induction opening and safety protection. It can be used in Sliding automatic glass sensor door and two-wing automatic revolving door. Therefore, if you install this composite sensor, you do not need to install the automatic door auxiliary light sensor. The auxiliary light sensor is also called a safety electric eye.

The following is an on-site record of our technicians replacing the original sensor with a new two-in-one sensor. If you have any questions about the automatic door sensor, you can contact us for consultation.

1. Preparation:

A. Accessories preparation: that is, the original two-in-one sensor from QINUO. When purchasing a sensor, please look for the doorway, and the authorized sensor product distributor and maintainer of the doorway.

B. Preparation of construction conditions on site: After arriving at the site, prepare to set up safety fences or prompt signs, and prepare construction tools such as ladders and tools required for construction.

3. Installation steps:

A. Power off the automatic glass sensor door and suspend operation.

B. Remove the original start sensor of the automatic glass induction door.

C. Install the new automatic glass sensor door 2-in-1 sensor, and follow the installation steps of the 2-in-1 sensor for wiring. During installation, it is divided into installation accessories and installation accessories shell.

D. Clean the installation area to restore the neatness of the automatic glass induction door package.

4. Start the induction function debugging:

Debug the newly installed two-in-one sensor startup sensing function, including the sensing range, sensitivity, and automatic glass sensing door sensing opening status inspection.

5. Safety anti-pinch function debugging:

Debug the anti-pinch function of the newly installed two-in-one sensor, set the anti-pinch sensing area, and test whether the automatic glass sensing door will stop when the object enters the sensing area, and the response time of the door stop.

6. To resume use:

After completing the above debugging contents, restore the automatic glass sensor door to normal use for a period of time, observe that there is no problem and hand over to the customer, and explain to the customer the various precautions for the use of the new two-in-one sensor during the handover process.



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