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Convenience Resulting from Automatic Doors Sensors

Edor | 2022/04/05

Many times we arrive home with our hands full, like with a shopping bag in one hand and a phone in the other. We have 3 choices: hang up the call to free the hand; leave the bag on the floor and search for our keys; or continue speaking on the phone until the end.

However, if our door is automatic, it will be more convenient to just push a button or approach the door, so that it opens by means of a proximity sensor. If we are in an exclusive and private transit area, as it is the case for residential blocks, an access control system can be installed to guarantee the security of the building. The door will open conveniently by means of a personalized system.

Automatic doors sensors in residential communities not only improve convenience, but also increase security, hygiene, energy efficiency. Do you want to improve the access to your home?



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