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What you can do when the automatic door does not work?

Edor | 2021/05/31

We cannot stress highly enough how much a gate can improve daily life, but what if the automatic door does not work or breaks?

In this article, we want to explain how to deal with when the automatic door no longer works, focusing on the most common faults and solutions

1.The sliding door keeps opening and closing

cause of issue:

(1) There is an object in the sensing range.

(2) The door switch hits an obstacle.

(3) The radar sensor fails.

Maintenance method: first check whether there are obstacles or moving objects within the sensing range of the automatic door, and remove them in time. If not, check whether the test sensor is working properly and replace it in time.

2.The door leaf shakes when the automatic door sliding door is running

Possible Causes:

(1) There are obstructions or wear on the underground guide rail or swing stop.

(2) Wear or obstruction of the mobile crane and track.

Maintenance method of automatic door: Remove obstacles. Replace damaged parts in rain.

3.Bounce when the door leaf of an automatic door is opened and closed

Possible Causes:

(1) There are foreign objects stuck in the upper rail and the lower rail.

(2) Foreign matter is embedded in the wheel of the upper hanging wheel.

Maintenance method: clean up foreign objects between tracks or hanging wheels.

4.The door leaf of the automatic sliding door cannot be opened

Possible Causes:

(1) If the sensor is faulty, check whether the sensor light is normal.

(2) The belt falls off.

(3) Loose glue on wire joints (short circuit).

(4) The controller is burned out.

(5) The motor may be overheated, and it will return to normal after cooling down.

(6) Foreign matter is stuck.

(7) The voltage is abnormal.

Maintenance method of automatic door: Check whether there are foreign objects in sequence, check voltage, sensor, controller, belt, wire joint and other components.

The above frequently occurring failure phenomena and solutions can be used as a reference.



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