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How the automatic door senses the signal

Edor | 2021/08/25

The door is an extension of the traditional door, and it is also a door that integrates many modern technologies. Automatic doors have many irreplaceable advantages while facilitating people's lives, such as maintaining indoor temperature and isolating outdoor dust. The signal induced by the automatic door is the contact signal.

Microwave radar and infrared sensors are two commonly used signal sources:

Microwave radar responds to the displacement of objects, so it has a fast response speed. It is suitable for places where people with normal walking speed pass. Its characteristic is that once people near the door do not want to go out and stand still, the radar will no longer respond and automatically The door will be closed, which has a certain protective effect on the door machine.

The infrared sensor reacts to the existence of the object, no matter whether the person moves or not, as long as it is within the scanning range of the sensor, it will respond and send out a contact signal. The disadvantage is that the infrared sensor has a slow response speed, which is suitable for places where people with slow movements enter and exit.

In addition, if the automatic door receives the contact signal for too long, the controller will consider the signal input system to be obstructed. Moreover, if the automatic sliding door is kept open for too long, it will also cause damage to the electrical components. Because microwave radar and infrared sensors do not know whether people approaching automatic doors really want to enter the door, they are more willing to use key switches in some situations.

The key switch can be a contact type button, and more convenient is the so-called elbow touch switch. The elbow switch is very durable, especially it can be operated with an elbow. Avoided contact.

There is also a foot switch, which has the same function, but has higher requirements for waterproofing, and the power of the foot pedal is very large, which is easy to make the foot switch invalid. There is also a handle with a contact switch. When the handle is pushed (or pulled in the opposite direction) into place, it provides a contact signal to the door machine.



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