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The Working Principle of Induction Automatic Door Remote Control and How to Use it

Edor | 2022/05/05

Induction automatic doors are suitable for hotels, hotels, banks, office buildings, hospitals, shops, etc., and are widely used. The use of automatic doors can save air-conditioning energy, reduce noise, prevent wind and dust, and at the same time make our entrances and exits look solemn and high-grade.

automatic doorsautomatic door will be automatically opened. The door will return to closed state. Generally speaking, the remote control of the automatic door is printed with the symbols for opening and closing the door. You only need to operate it according to the markings on it. It is very simple, similar to the remote control at home.

Now there are many kinds of remote control, you should first determine whether your remote control is the corresponding induction door. When the remote control is pressed, the door will beep. The induction door has 4 states that must be kept in mind. Automatic switch, which is the normal state of the induction door. Normally open, the induction door will be in the open state and will not perform any action. Half-open, the induction door is only half-open when it is opened, and the state at this time is also automatic. The last one is the locked state, in which the sensing door does not operate.

1. The remote control handle of the induction door uses 23A, 12V battery, and the service life is about one year. The transmitter should not be damp or impacted. If you want to change the password, please note that the dialing code of the host and the transmitter is the same.

2. If the remote scanning distance is too short, please check whether the host computer is covered by metal objects or close to metal objects.

3. The normal remote control distance of the remote control system is about 30 meters (in the barrier-free area) because the radio waves are greatly affected by the weather, so the normal remote control distance will be affected under severe weather conditions such as rain, fog and strong wind. Under the above conditions, please use the desktop button.



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